Requirements for Membership

Has graduated from or has successfully completed, not less than, the equivalent of two years in an undergraduate department of an accredited college or university; or is a graduate of a professional or graduate school of a college or university. A potential new member may have also served in the Armed Forces of the United States during hostilities.

Completion of Membership Application.

Three signatures from current University Club Members, one acting as the proposer and two others as seconders.

Once the application is turned into the Membership Director it must be posted for two weeks before that months board meeting.

Before the board meeting, prospective new members will join the Board for a reception in the first floor lounge to meet and become acquainted with current Board Members. Following the Board Meeting, admissions will contact successful candidates chosen to become new members of The University Club of Cincinnati.

Upon acceptance, new members will receive a packet which will include, among other things, their new member number, Club orientation, Club by-laws, and Club information.

For all inquiries about becoming a member at The University Club of Cincinnati, please contact Alan O'Bryan at (513)721-2600 or

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